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Below Deck

Let Them Eat Chicken!

S6/EP11 | Aired:
December 11, 2018
The aftermath of Ashton’s accident has the entire crew shaken up, especially Captain Lee. While the deck crew is on edge with a man down, Laura struggles to fall in line with her third stew role and her boss Kate. (43:24)
Below Deck

Man Overboard

S6/EP10 | Aired:
December 4, 2018
On the heels of two dramatic exits from crew members, the ship is turned upside down with the arrival of two new crew, Tyler and Laura. As their sixth Charter begins, a shocking accident threatens the life of one of the Deckhands. (43:24)
Below Deck

Insult to Injury

S6/EP9 | Aired:
November 27, 2018
Captain Lee comes to a decision about restructuring the deck team. Meanwhile, Caroline is pushed to make her own decision regarding her place on My Seanna. During a fun crew night out, Rhylee ruffles some feathers with Adrian. (43:24)
Below Deck

Flesh Wounds Are Not Five-Star

S6/EP8 | Aired:
November 20, 2018
Chandler is left at odds with Captain Lee and the entire Deck Team. Caroline struggles to keep up with the demands of the charter. Following the calamitous charter, Captain Lee is ready to implement necessary changes to the team. (00:00)
Below Deck

New Kids on the Dock

S6/EP7 | Aired:
November 13, 2018
The crew welcomes aboard their largest group of charter guests yet, including two young children, posing new challenges. While Chef Adrian jumps through hoops to please all their preferences, Chandler tries to redeem himself with Captain Lee. (43:24)
Below Deck

Get Better or Go Home

S6/EP6 | Aired:
November 6, 2018
The charter guests overcome their fears by swimming with scary ocean predators. As Ashton makes a move on Rhylee, Kate tells Caroline her foot needs to heal or she’ll have to go home. Captain Lee decides to confront Chandler in a sit down. (00:00)

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