Episode Guide

Ep 15: Reunion Part 2

AIRED: Nov 29 9/8c

Ep 14: Reunion Part 1

AIRED: Nov 15 9/8c

Ep 13: A Very MJ Wedding

AIRED: Nov 8 9/8c

Ep 12: Bless This Mess

AIRED: Nov 1 9/8c

Ep 11: Vida Knows Best

AIRED: Oct 25 9/8c

Ep 10: The Prenup Hiccup

AIRED: Oct 18 9/8c

Ep 9: Sex, Lies, and iPhone Videos

AIRED: Oct 11 9/8c

Ep 8: Clash the Persians

AIRED: Sep 27 9/8c

Ep 7: It's Passover: Let Your Girlfriend Go!

AIRED: Sep 20 9/8c

Ep 6: Emeralds Aren't Forever

AIRED: Sep 13 9/8c

Ep 5: Bridal Bath Wrath

AIRED: Sep 6 9/8c

Ep 4: Javid Shah: Long Live the King

AIRED: Aug 23 9/8c

Ep 3: A Date with Destiney

AIRED: Aug 16 9/8c

Ep 2: It's My Party and I'll Make You Cry If I Want To

AIRED: Aug 9 9/8c

Ep 1: A Short Kiss Goodnight

AIRED: Aug 2 9/8c

How They Got Here

AIRED: Jul 26 10/9c