Gina Neely Gushes About "Amazing" Italy... Where She "Ate Pastries Like a Crazy Woman"

Nope, To Rome for Love bachelorette Gina Neely can't hide her love for Italy.

Celebrity chef and To Rome For Love cast mate Gina Neely went to Italy in search of l-o-v-e, and spoiler alert: She found it. As in, she completely fell head over heels for the romantic Italian city.

We already know the 52-year-old traveler has incredible taste in food, thanks to her hit series Down Home With the Neelys — but you're going to want to book a ticket to Rome as soon as you hear her gush over its most enviable qualities. "My experience going to Rome was just amazing. It literally took my breath away when I got off the plane," the TRFL traveler told Jet Set in a recent interview.

"Everything I ate was good. I'm not even a big pastry eater — I ate pastries like a crazy woman. Which I knew I would pay for, but I didn't even care because when you're over there, everything just dances on your palate. The tomatoes would like burst in your mouth."

What's more, Neely even learned to parla a little Italiano. Press play above to watch her gush over her favorite things about Italy (including the one downside to living in such an old city). Then, don't forget to tune into the season finale of To Rome For Love, which airs Sunday, March 25 at 9/8c.

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